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Having routine dental maintenance is the foundation for a beautiful smile. You should see your dentist at least every six months to maintain optimal oral health. At these visits, Drs. Catherman will do an extensive and thorough exam to make sure there is no oral pathology. Here's what you can expect at these visits:

The doctor will check your teeth for:

  • decay

  • fractures

  • abscesses

The doctor and hygienist will check your gums and soft tissue for:

  • gingivitis

  • periodontal disease

  • oral pathology and cancers

Other preventative services we provide:

  • Fluoride treatments and rinses for purchase

  • Sealants

  • Oral hygiene instructions

A word on x-rays:

  • We recommend a full mouth series on all new patients and every 5 years thereafter

  • We take bitewing x-rays in between your full mouth series to check for decay

  • Dental x-rays are equal to 1 day outside exposed to natural ambient radiation, compare that to a spine x-ray which is 6 months! 

  • Bottom line- we believe the benefit far outweighs the risk and we follow the ADA's guidelines

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