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We only use white filling material, also known as composite or bonding. It is extremely long lasting and provides the patient with a beautiful, completely unnoticeable restoration.

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Crowns and Bridges

Often referred to as "caps", a crown can restore a badly broken down tooth by covering it with a very durable porcelain material. A bridge can replace a missing tooth by crowning the two teeth adjacent to the missing space with a false tooth in the middle.



We do complete dentures and partial dentures. We always recommend doing at least two implants on the lower arch to allow the denture to snap on to the implants and prevent movement.


Root canals

A root canal is necessary when the nerve in the tooth has become infected and/or died. We remove the nerve and necrotic debris, sterilize the tooth and place a filling material inside the tooth to seal it from bacteria. Root canaled teeth usually need crowns after completion.

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